The Wireframe Of The Mother’s Temple

When you have completed the top of the toroid, you have gone through 36 individual levels of consciousness. At the 36th, you then head West and down to repeat this journey on the bottom side of the toroid. Here you will find a 2nd set of 36 levels. The total of the top and the bottom levels = 72. There are 72 definable levels of consciousness that the human form goes though within its entire evolutionary journey.

If you can trace this path in your mind, this provides an extremely difficult but intensely meaningful visual mediation device. I highly recommend that you work on creating this journey for yourself.

I’ve spent a huge amount of time creating an embroidery program using my computer to be able to place the 36 level journey onto a black piece of cotton fabric. I used colored thread for each quadrant (choosing the most appropriate color for each) and verified that the beginning journey is from the South to the North. In the Eastern Vastu tradition for building temples (and then using this same process for homes and offices) the NE corner is used to place the temple in a dwelling. You can see that this 1st quadrant journey is the most important and then the completion of that journey is for this same quadrant on the bottom side of the toroid. This quadrant is where energy 1st enters a building and is the most important and hence the most auspicious place to worship The Purposiveness.

This embroidered cloth is sandwiched inside a frame and now hangs in my studio. It ha cost me a huge amount of time to create and a large expense to purchase the related equipment.  For whatever reason, I needed to do this and this framed embroidered cloth is now my Diety. It is what I use for meditation and its actual form is worthy of that of a Diety. It represents the actual footprints of God (The Purposiveness) that I share in the material on this website. There is no single form that I know of that better illustrates this Diety and this IS THE FORM YOU SHOULD USE FROM NOW ON. It’s magnificent and a true gift!


My favorite direction to hold the largest portion of glass in a home is the North side. Initially for many years, I suspected that it would be the East. However, my current home has an East facing deck and there is too much sunlight and heat until the sun is behind the house in the mid afternoon. My office faces North and is where I face the windows with my desk and my computer. I love that direction and is why I’m now creating home prototypes with all of the glass facing North. It also is the best direction to naturally illuminate photographed objects and proves itself to be the most nurturing direction. It is the direction where consciousness starts begins its movement through the 1st of 72 levels of consciousness.

I place the bathroom on the West side (direction of death and the greatest amount of heat where the Sun basically “frys” anything in its path) and my bedroom on the East side (where the sun awakens me in the morning with each sunrise). The South (where the sun shines all day and is very hot is where I place my kitchen and install few windows that are there to let sunlight in and to ventilate cooking fumes.

The south facing wall is 2 feet thick and its purpose is to act as a heat sink during cold months. I place my kitchen against this wall and possibility open up the area above the sink with a window.  This allows me to enjoy the exterior of the home and I plant this area (on the exterior) for my greatest enjoyment.

I install an awning on the South side and open it in the summer to bounce off the sun and reduce the heat transfer. I close the awning in the winter to allow the sun to penetrate the wall and the wall’s thermal mass holds the heat that is transferred into the home. In this way, I have created a very low tech heat holding wall for winter use and I also reduce the environmental stress on the awning during cold months where snow and ice can really age exterior material.

Here’s the Eastern Indian form for the movement of energy through a temple, home, or office. The science is called Vastu Shastra and the image is called the Vastu Purusha Mandal. This is a good illustration of the movement of energy through a structure and is one that you should consider when designing space to nurture the human soul.


Please realize that Eastern India is on the South side of the Equator. We in the US are on the North side. I have found that energy still come in at the NE corner and exits at the SW corner. So the energy patterns are similar. However, I like the gentler energy of the North side of my home and that is where I would enjoy my relationship with the exterior portion of my home – my yard. If you choose that orientation, you too will enjoy it very much and be very nurtured. With a heat sink on your South wall and the bathroom or any garage or equipment or storage on the West side of your home, you’ll do well. These placements are extremely important since we’re working with the movement of the Sun and basing its shading using latitude and longitude calculations.

Our modern homes rarely have awnings and really need them to properly shade the sun from overheating our homes through its 12 month journey around the Earth. A mathematical calculation of the width of our eaves on all sides of our homes needs to be done while considering that the sun moves throughout our 12 months. Optimum eave size can be figured out when the latitude and longitude of a home is used. Cross ventilation of windows also needs to be optimized as well as the surface calculation as to the amount of glass that ideally should be used on each of the commas directions of a home. The center of a home should allow for air to penetrate the structure. In a small home, this can be done with what I call a solar stack. This structure is much like our old fashioned cupolas used on barns. Its purpose is to bring the heat of the sun into the stack and that differential in temperature between that of the air inside the cupola and the air inside the home (underneath) causes a natural flow of air movement to the exterior of the home. This replaces the need for an electrically powered fan to do the same thing. A closing shutter then needs to be installed to cover this ventilation opening during cold weather.

A home can be designed to account for sun movement and air movement and a good builder will spend 12 months on the land to be used for a home observing these natural energy flows and will work with them in the final design to create the most nurturing structure for its inhabitants. Unfortunately, our normal “builder” style homes are not built this way and far from it. Everything is done from a monetary viewpoint so a builder can turn a profit depending upon the current cost of materials and labor. That is not the way to build a home!

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