Continue Your Progress By Becoming An Architect Of Future Generations & Share Your Creations Within This Websites Blog Posts

I’ve provided enough information through the 3 courses that I’m offering on this website. You can now take this information and use it to change your current direction so you can become true to your personal destiny. Once you do, you can then participate as a Creator just like I have been for you. If you do, you can share your own creations and discoveries with others. This is how we will progress in the future.

You do not need to be located currently in the most ideal geographical location – not yet. And, you do not need to be geographically next to others of like mind. Yes, that would be ideal but currently, its not necessary. We have the Internet and can share our thoughts from anywhere within the free world.

The bottom line is that I would love to see you improve yourself to an extent where you can become a contributing member of our newly formed group of people who will come together.

My task is to provide the initial foundation upon which that future task can be built. Even though my attempt at sharing this has been difficult for me and has required that I share seemingly mundane information within just the 3 courses, the starting point is critical and needed.

I’m now expecting that a few of you will rise up to this occasion and begin communicating with me as a contributor rather than a guru. I am not a guru. Rather, I’m a visionary and a pioneer. The definition of a pioneer?

The person way out there beyond eyesight that finds the new information, brings it back occasionally to share with the group, and then leaves again to go back out. I’m a loner and not a manger.

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