Take out the sheet of paper that you last worked with and begin to re-write the descriptions you entered for the following two questions. You now have a couple of ways to work with these descriptions and are learning a bit more about yourself. I’ve added the visionary quiz results to this summary. With those results in hand, you will be able to evaluate how to shift and change your beliefs so you can use intuition to guide your life instead of your rational logical mind.

Our Western society doesn’t teach you how to work with intuition and that is the key to your and our survival as a human race. That is why even in high school, football and sports rise above being able to provide arts and music as a secondary pursuit. We are not taught how to chose colors, and textures, and anything about the golden proportions that make up ideal physical structure. Instead, we pursue aggressiveness and competition where the individual rises up above the masses. That needs to change. Instead of valuing human life according to how much money has been amassed, individuals will eventually be valued according to their creativity. However, a lot of change needs to occur first for that to happen. That kind of change is what I’m promoting here on this website.

I’ve provided exercises that help you to get in touch with the real you. Discovering who you currently are is the step needed to then determine who you ideally should be.

To know who and what to be, however, requires a full understanding of how the universe works and why. Without that knowledge, you will not be able to place your life in the path of evolution and be positively supported. You also will not be able to rise up to the level where you receive fulfillment since everything that you are taught relates to competition and rising above others and your progress is measured by how rich you are in the process.

Everything I have shared put to this point in time has been directed toward helping you to define who you are currently. To shift that toward a better direction so you receive true fulfillment with your efforts requires knowing how the universe works and why and is the next area that we’ll cover.

For now, I would like you to describe who you are at the present time and how lacking you are in the intuitive department. Be honest here. You are the one to benefit from this analysis and you do not need to share this with anyone else. It’s yours alone.

So now write out your summary and do the best you can to describe


 For now, review the points listed below and complete what I’m asking you to do as best you can. 

Here are the items that you can use now to further refine your first answer :

  • I’ve shared a meditation technique for you to use to quiet your rational logical mind.
  • I’ve shared your various energetic centers of consciousness.
  • I’ve shared how your conditioning has evolved.
  • I’ve shared a process that will help you to change your beliefs.
  • I’ve provided a belief worksheet that you can use as a good starting point for examining your beliefs.
  • I’ve shared a process that you can use to list your values. These change as your beliefs change.
  • I shared a stress quiz to help measure the amount of stress that you’re incurring as a result of your choices that you make based on your belief system and the resulting values you hold. This quiz was available in the last course and I’ve included it at the top of this course page so you can use it again.
  • I’ve shared your need to further develop and refine your intuitive capabilities.
  • I’ve shared your need to reduce the effect your ego has on your life.
  • I’ve shared how the amount of money you desire is either positive or negative depending upon your personal goals.
  • I’ve just shared the fact that you need to use intuition to guide your life and have provided you with a quiz to measure the current state of your intuitive capabilities.
  • If you use the knowledge I’m sharing to further develop yourself in a positive manner, you’ll end up as a “leader” rather than a follower. The leaders that come out of this process will become rich beyond their wildest imagination. Riches not just in money but in living a balanced life that is ultimately fulfilling. That is a rare accomplishment and one that I would like to encourage for all course members.

You are still working on defining who you are right now and that is the current focus. In Section 2, I’ll begin transferring enough information so that you can begin to understand how and why the universe was formed.
Then in Section 3, I’ll describe how life actually works and how the evolutionary process has created patterns that can be used as roadmaps to guide your life.
In Section 4, I’ll provide additional knowledge that will help you to place yourself within the evolutionary path that you will begin to see and to allow your intuition to guide you through the maze that exists right now.

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