Learn What You Came Here To Do With Your Life And The Steps Required To Become That

We each are born into this world with particular traits and capabilities that are unique to us. When we express our traits and abilities, we can lead fulfilling lives. However, our conditioning (done outside of our authentic self) gets in the way of who we are, and we don’t become who we came here to be. Instead, we become who we are conditioned to be. Consequently, we rarely become fulfilled since we’re pursuing paths that are not authentic to who we are, nor do they help us grow further from where we left off.

What Did I Come Here To Do?
What Did I Come Here To Do?

We all die (guaranteed). Life is short, even though we might not initially see it that way. When we leave this Earth, little remains of what we’ve achieved during our short time here. People forget about us and move on with their lives. In reality, we are supposed to contribute to the overall improvement of consciousness of our human group, but rarely does that happen. Only a few are allowed that privilege, and that is what I intend to expand. Hopefully, you are interested and want to leave something behind when you leave, but only because of becoming who you are.

The world today is an economic nightmare and becomes more so every day. We are supposed to become a cog in this wheel of financial success, which is who we believe we should become. In all honesty, however, the only thing that counts is who we are underneath our external conditioning. That is what we’re supposed to expand and improve upon during our brief time in this world.

You Will Find Three Options On This Website

1. The first option (and the least expensive) is solely for DIY fans. When you enroll in my Arc Of Creation Course, you’ll receive access to over 60 lessons and a daily visualization exercise that you need to perform daily for at least a year. The fee for this course is $197. There is zero involvement in my time other than sharing and maintaining these course lessons.

Option 1 - DIY
Option 1 – DIY

2. The second option starts with the same course, but you can purchase (at an extra fee) three hourly sessions of my time to evaluate what you have accomplished while taking my Course. You can add this option after purchasing the $197 course and do so at any time. The additional cost for this 1-hour (maximum for each session), with a 3-session minimum block of time, is $750 (time spent with you on the phone is preferred). You will be required to go through all 60+ lessons independently (and still pay the $ 197 course fee), but my 3 hours of additional one-on-one time with you will help you evaluate your accomplishments and allow you to ask specific questions that you might have. Learn from my experience rather than waste your own time. However, this choice is optional. If you add my time to your DIY lesson cost your total cost will be $197 + $750 = $947.

3. The third option is for those who don’t have time to take a DIY approach and want me to work with them in an ongoing coaching capacity. This is the most expensive option but is very effective. I’ll work with you to complete all course lessons and monitor your progress every quarter for one year. Your total cost is $5,500.

Option 2 - Purchase 3 One Hour Sessions
Option 2 – Purchase 3 One-Hour Sessions (Optional)

Option 3 - One On One Coaching
Option 3 – One On One Coaching

All three approaches (options 1-3) will allow you to change and become who you came here to be and will utilize the course material I’ve created, but each is slightly different. The main difference is how much of my time you desire to pay for and what is involved in this process. The coaching group will receive my full attention, and I can probably ensure success since I’m intimately involved. However, the DIY crowd can accomplish the same thing, but each participant must be self-motivated to make it through all the steps involved. It’s not impossible, and I highly recommend taking this lower-cost route if cost is of concern. You can purchase the additional 3-hour block from me to improve your success, but only if you can afford it and need it.

Check out who I am by clicking on the About link in the navigation bar on this website. I’ve worked with over 500 students in the past using the Internet and strictly email as my vehicle, and I am finally picking up where I left off decades ago. I don’t have much time left on this Earth (I’m now in my late 70s), and this is the final accomplishment I probably will have. Hopefully, I can do this with enough people to “seed” a movement that will continue past my lifetime. I would like to see that happen. What I’ve gone through doesn’t need to be repeated since you’ll find everything you need to know on this website.

My blog is an accompanying 2nd step in this process and goes along with the first requirement – Becoming You. As you become who you came here to be, you will find that creating a nurturing space at home is the next most important thing you can do while you improve your consciousness. Both are required to lead a fulfilling life, and I cannot imagine doing one without the other. Use what I share on my blog to improve your own nurturing space. Please share your contact information so I can email you whenever I post a new blog article. I’ll be adding new blog posts every single month.

Learn how to improve your consciousness and do what you came here to do by working with me. Understand How and Why the Universe Was Created. Learn the answer to Who Am I? Understand clearly what I came here to do with my life. People outside ourselves made us into who we are right now. Learning to be true to our inherent identity is the only way to lead a fulfilling life, and I encourage you to become who you came here to be. Enrolling in my Arc Of Creation Course will help you to do that.

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